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About Us




Hey how you doing ? I'm Liz and i run Mama FeelsGood, i print, design, pack and basically do everything thats involved in producing my lovely nursing tees and getting them to you. When i'm not busy printing up a batch of tees i'm very much a family person enjoying time with my 2 girls and husband Matt; I'm really into music,listening to radio 6 is an integral part of my working day! I've been known the throw a few moves on the dance floor in my time, although now i think i'm more like Napoleon Dynamite (see Video below if needed).

 Our Process

Everything is done in house here in Bristol apart from the actual sewing of the shirts ; I design the nursing shirts, select the fabric, arrange the manufacture, take control of branding, marketing, packing, and the fun part of it all screen printing the shirts. I am totally self taught, i absolutely adore making our nursing tees, my little independent store means the world to me. All our shirts are hand printed, this way each one is special and always a little different from the previous one, your own little slice of originality. I am an amazing geek, i produce all the shirts in small print batches and by just looking at a shirt i probably could tell you the month it was printed in ! 



How I began

I had my first daughter ! I had absolutely no idea how having a baby would change my life so much in lots of different aspects. As a mum i found i had to hit the floor running, really hard birth, hard time adjusting to breastfeeding,  i wanted to get out the house with my new baby who was constantly nursing and i didn't want everyone watching me as i did it  ! I wanted to wear something that i thought reflected my personality and dress sense rather than taking something that i could just make do with. My little daughter is now in double digits, and my little indie business has strived and totally evolved . 

I've gone from making nursing T-Shirts with weiners printed on them (ie hot dogs defo not genital ones!) in the early years to making our kick ass owl nursing tees. BTW if anyone has one of these early weiners nursing tees let me know as that would be amazing to see again ! I've worked with some amazing artists to create our prints to learning photoshop and making my own. It really has been a journey.

I am here to help you by making awesome nursing tees which when you put them on make you feel like you've just come home ! Comfy, relaxed and totally you. When you pick up one of our breastfeeding tops you'll know you can breastfeed easily, discreetly, comfortably  and with a sense of your own vibe and personality . Making your breastfeeding journey and family life that little bit funkier 1 shirt at a time !


Take care and thanks for reading Liz 

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